Hacks for Campers

One of the outdoor activities that we love is camping. Nowadays, kids anticipate this kind of activity in school. As we grow older, we still do this for different reasons. It is about staying at an overnight place that is far from your home. One of the top reasons why people go camping is to unplug themselves from reality. Because people live their life working hard to do their responsibilities for their family and work. Aside from it, they are also working for their dreams and goals in life. That’s why people need to take some time to rest and regain themselves too. One of the ways is to unplug themselves from reality through camping.

When we go camping, one of the things that we carry is our tent, it serves as our temporary shelter that is attached to poles and supporting rope so that it would not break. The campers get excited because they get to experience building their tent. Also, they are the ones who will fold it, but most campers tend to struggle on this part. Because it’s easier to build it than to fold and put it in the bag. But we do not have to worry because there are tricks on how to fold a pop up tent. Just follow the steps below:

Hacks for Campers

  • Unzip the front flap.
  • Pick up the curved bottom edge of the tent. Then, raise to meet the curved top edge.
  • Hold the two curved edges in your left hand.
  • Pick up the opposite top curved edge of the tent. Then, pull it towards your left hand.
  • Add the three edges together. Then, hold them in your left hand.
  • Add the bottom edge on the other side of the tent. As you see it, the tent is in “taco” shape as you hold the curved top edges together.
  • Turn the tent vertical. Then, hold the edges in your right hand.
  • On your left hand, push the top of the tent downward towards its base and let the air out.
  • The edges of the tent will form two circular shapes. Then, position the one circular shape over the bottom of the other circular shape that you press downward towards the base. At this stage, you need assistance.
  • As you see it, the two shapes are pressed on top of each other.
  • Pull the folded tent up to a vertical position.
  • Turn the folded tent clockwise and then stretch the strap to secure it is closed.

As easy as that, you can now quickly fold your tent and put it back on its bag. Just follow the steps and ask for assistance to get things much more comfortable and quicker.