An Architecture lover’s must-visit landmarks of New York with New York bus rental

New York has lots to offer and explore for architecture lovers. This state has seen lots of variations from that time to current times. These architectural landmarks can be visited conveniently as a single traveler or a group with New York bus rental.

Below are listed some of the must-visit architectural spots for architecture lovers with New York bus rental:

Flatiron Building

The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building claimed the New York icon status. This building was designed by Daniel Burnham who’s Chicago’s skyscraper. It is located on the east 22nd Street on 5th Avenue on Broadway. Renaissance palazzo/Beaux-Arts Flatiron blend makes its one among the tallest towers of the city at 22- storeys. It was finished in 1902. This building is constant from top to the bottom, making its architecture unique.

Ellis Island

It was constructed in 1900 and once a gateway for immigrants to the United States.

Stephen A Schwarzman’s New York Public Library Building

This building was opened in 1911 and is a research center now. The ceilings are about 16-m high and sitting in this reading room is certainly breathtaking. This library’s flanking lions and marble facades are very popular and a great photo spot.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

This is located on 5th Avenue in the center of midtown Manhattan. This is the largest in North America of its kind. It was finished in 1879 and restored in 2015.

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Hearst Tower

This tower binds present and past in an individual building. It is close to Columbus Circle. This is also the first of the green office tower.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and opened in 2016. It is known for its physical complexity and its symbolism. The Westfield World Trade Center mall was opened in its interior. The retails space is spread over 365,000 sq. feet. It accommodates 113 tenants.

Whitney Museum of American Art

This carries an 8-storey exhibition space that is column-free and it is biggest within the city. Renzo Piano designed this building. The interiors are welcoming and expansive that includes a library, theatre, and reading room. There’s a cafe looking over the Greenwich Village and Hudson.

Queensboro Bridge

It was opened in 1909. It is situated a couple of miles south to the East River. The bridge is about 3,724-foot-long that links Manhattan to Queens. Henry Hornbostel, an American architect, designed this bridge.

Washington Square Park

This is about 10 acres and smaller when compared to other New York parks. It includes a lovely Washington Square Arch, which is a city hallmark.

Trinity Church

This is located in Manhattan at the Wall Street and Broadway intersection. This is a Gothic Revival structure that was finished in 1846. It is about 281 feet and tallest in New York at that time. This church stands strong even though other buildings nearby are crumbled.

Brooklyn Museum

It is a 560,000 sq foot museum and carries 1.5 million artworks. It is another architectural hallmark of NYC.

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