Real experience Travelogue of Dubai desert tour

Everyone who has experience Dubai safari tour once in a lifetime has an exciting story to tell. Mainly, people are usually advised to visit Dubai during Holyday or weekends. Someone who had these remarkable experience at UAE wrote how planned this trip to make it memorable. Here are essential things to do along with Dubai desert safari assistance:

First Two Weeks, schedule the tour 

The first week, obviously during we ekends or holidays, time to sit down and dig down the project t details so that you can adapt to the schedule. This schedule comprises solidifying boundaries, project scope and documentation stuff. Once you are done with all that, now is the time to go out there and enjoy your tour.

Booking Safari Seat

Contact the travel agent through a phone call and book a safari seat. Likely, the Dubai Safari trip is typically scheduled at 4 pm on the dot. The driver is expected to ring up a bit earlier around 2.45, more prior that schedule at 3.30. The Arab Safari tour drivers are typically wearing their custom Arabic grown. Land Cruiser is the standard car used for a tour in UAE. The vehicle itself will tell you that you will have a great tour experience in Dubai. The journey will begin once the introduction ceremony is done.

The beginning of the tour

Typically, four people from the tour guide company will join the tour ride. Always grab the perfect place where you can view the desert and get an ideal view of taking photos and video. Also, grab a chance to interact with the driver so that you can be in a position to know anything necessary for you.

 The examples of the questions you should ask your driver are; where exactly you’re going and the name of that place. The journey may take a half-hour on the highway. Then there will be a 10 minutes break at the base camp. As usual, the tour should include the convoy of ten land cruisers. The tire pressure must be reduced to adopt the sand softness.

At the desert resort

Probably, you will come across the desert resort will you have your dinner and enjoy belly dance. Additionally, besides the delicious dinner, you will grab a cup of traditional tea and Kahwa, which is a kind of black coffee.

 If you wish to relax a little bit, you can go for Shisha or Mehandi. Shisha is commonly known traditional Arabic flavored smoking pipe the same as Indian HUKKA. Also, get prepared for meat kebab and grilled chicken as well as Indian food. In fact, the dominating foods in UAE are Arabian, western and Indian. If you have the opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates, always remember to choose Dubai desert safari.