Unique Facilities for Lodgers at the Chedi

The Chedi is one of the best hotels you can ever come by in Oman. The hotel is open to everyone in Muscat and other cities in Oman. If you are coming from another country and you are looking for the best hotel where you can have endless fun in this country, The Chedi is the perfect hotel to consider.  The hotel is one of the best muscat luxury resorts and you will always want to come back for more of the services that the hotel has to offer.

If you need a hotel that will give you good value for money, there is no better hotel to visit than this one. We will enlighten you about the various features that make this hotel to stand out from many others.

Its outstanding facilities

The Chedi has virtually all the facilities you can ever hope for in a 5-star hotel.  Everything is put in place to ensure your complete comfort while you are lodging in this hotel. The Club Lounge is a special reserve of guests lodging at any of the Chedi Club Suites, Deluxe Club Terrace or Deluxe Club Room accommodations provided by the hotel

Do you need to stay connected to the outside world during the day so that you can transact business while lodging in this hotel? You can visit the Business Center within the premises of the hotel for this purpose; the Business Centre is open for the 24 hours of the day so that you can get connected any time of the day or night.

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At the business centre, you will have access to modern computer terminals and high-speed internet. There is also a colour printer for those who need to print documents. There is a secretarial support team on the ground to help facilitate your international document deliveries and telecommunication needs; this feature makes the hotel one of the best muscat luxury resorts around.

You can also shop easily at the boutique within the premises. The boutique will undoubtedly give you unique shopping experience. It is located not too far from the main lobby; its high ceilings and Islamic-style arches make the interior spacious and beautiful. The various items on sale here are handpicked and carefully selected so that the various needs of the client can be met adequately. You can also buy handcrafted ornaments at this outlet, as well as, various jewellery made by skilled artisans. If you need top-quality leisurewear that will make you look your best, you can also get them at this boutique.

Unique services available

Lodgers at the hotel can access various services and also benefit from the tour services provided here.  You can hire a car for easy transportation to and from the hotel.  Also, you can be picked up at the airport once your plane touches down.