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Khartag to Kangshung Face Trekking
Duration: 21 Days
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At Off Road Adventures we offer our services to you in planning your holiday. The countries we cover are Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Our specialty is arranging trekking and adventure holidays in these countries. We have years of experience and a vast range of local knowledge to ensure you get the best planned and most affordable holiday. For many people, when travelling in these countries, it’s a life time dream. Travelling in these remote and mountainous countries takes a lot of planning. We offer to you our services to take all the hard work out of planning your trip, allowing you to just relax and enjoy your holiday.

There is such a diverse array of things to do and see in each of these countries deciding on the ideal package to make the most of your trip can be very difficult. Here at ATC we can tailor a package to suit your needs and for fill your dream, just tell us what you want to do and see and we will arrange it all for you.

For most people travelling in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan is the dream of a life time, Tibet and Bhutan in particular are mystical countries which are difficult to arrange travel in. We can cut the red tape for you and open the door way into these spectacular countries so you can enjoy ancient monasteries, majestic mountains, diverse and unique cultures and way of life of the peoples living there. Explore and delve until your heart is content and bring home memories you will treasure for your life time.

India on the other hand, though easy to get into and out off can be a very daunting country to travel in due to its immense size and population. When you travel with us we take all the hassles out of getting from place to place, finding lodges, going trekking and anything else you may want to do.

Check out our web pages for an extensive amount of information about these countries. See the range of activates and sites you can visit to help you decide what to do and see and allow us to tailor your package for you.
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