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Gokyo Rinjo Pass Trekking
Duration: 17 Days
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Recommended season: Feb - May, Sep - Nov

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Kingdom of the Dragon
Hidden Country In The Eastern Himalaya
Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon is commonly regarded as the last paradise on earth. Long centuries of isolation form the out side world has forged this countries unique and mysterious culture. The dramatic geography of the country and its exotic vibrant culture and mystic aura makes Bhutan one of the most magical and appealing countries in the world as a travel destination. It is a land of majestic mountains, varied flora and fauna, ancient Buddhist monasteries, mesmerizing religion and traditional culture all unscathed by the modern world. Bhutan exerts a sense of the ancient way of life.

Bhutan is a Land locked Mountain Kingdom, bordered by Tibet, China, and India and has very close cultural ties with Nepal and Bangladesh. Though it is small in size, the kingdom’s topography is one of dramatic contrasts.  The capital city is Thimpu which is unlike any other capital in the world. The traditional architecture of its houses and buildings is particularly striking. The country has a strong sense of traditionalism and this is reflected in the dress and architecture of Bhutan. The country as a whole is like a folk heritage museum displaying typical Bhutanese way of life that has remained unchanged over the years while the rest of the world has dramatically progressed.

 It is an exotic country bursting with life and a deep sense of religion, traditional ancient sculptures and thanka painting. You can spend many hours wonder around the markets, monasteries, lose yourself in the natural landscape or be enthralled by the kind and friendly nature of its inhabitants.

As a travel destination, Bhutan is a striking place with the elegant Himalayas, peaceful and warm hearted people, eye catching lush valleys and impenetrable evergreen forests. It offers itself as a paradise for any traveler to explore, a place where you can loose yourself in the countries beauty and mystic.

Find out about Bhutan and visit soon. Adventure Travellers Club tailors gratifying and thrilling trips which take you to the most amazing and mind blowing places not only in Bhutan, but on earth. A trip to Bhutan for trekking, sightseeing or just for pleasure is truly a rewarding experience.
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