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Upper Dolpa Trekking
Duration: 26 Days
Start Featured at: $ 3250
Recommended season: February, March, Apr

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Adventure Activities in Nepal Himalayas
The best way to explore in dept Nepal's unbeatable combination of authentic natural beauty

Nepal is a land of remote mountain villages, where people survive by growing their own food on the thousands of hill terraces that scale even the steepest slopes where mechanized farming is unheard of. The fields are ploughed by water buffalo or oxen, the corn and wheat is harvested and threshed by hand and grounded by water mills. If you stay in a trekking lodge, your bread will, likely as not, be made from flour ground that day, your vegetables freshly harvested from the fields. In the mountain side there is such a diverse mix of lifestyles, a wide range of vegetation and wildlife.

More than 110,000 visitors come to Nepal for trekking either in Tibet, Bhutan or Nepal itself every season. Trekking appeals to different people for varied reasons. In short one can say trekking means getting near to nature and appreciating the beauties that it offers us. Some trekkers have found trekking an uplifting and spiritual experience - one they will never forget in their life times. ORA organizes packages for groups to experience all these things, making for the trekker an enjoyable and hassle free holiday allowing them to make the most of their experience.

These adventure vacations offer you the chance to penetrate less accessible regions on foot, and typically include camping in the wilderness. Of course your tents and sleeping mats will be supplied for you. There may also be some nights in hotels, inns or huts. Usually the accommodations are on a sharing basis with one other member of the group, however single accommodation is always available on your request.

The best way to explore in depth, Nepal's unbeatable combination of authentic natural beauty and traditional cultural is by walking on ones' own two feet, allowing ones own rhythm to blend in with that of your surroundings. Presently this is known as trekking. What better way, in fact in most places it’s the only way, to explore the dramatic contrasts in elevations, climatic condition, habitations and cultures that Nepal has to offer?

Hygienic and nutritious meals are prepared by our experienced cooks and are served in our enclosed dining tent with tables and campstools or in a local dining room. Our private guides lead the way, explaining the sites and traditions and natural history of the area. Local staff handles all the camp chores.

You walk with a daypack, typically containing your camera, water bottle and small personal items. Locally hired pack animals or porters will transport the rest of the equipment, along with camping gear and foodstuffs. This is a good source of income for local village economies.

It is important for you to have basic physically fitness, enough to successfully complete and enjoy the treks. Each day you walk for less 5-7hrs. Good cardiovascular conditioning is an important part of having an enjoyable trek. Before the trek, you should be running or walking with backpack and boots on, and using the Stairmaster or similar equipment to improve fitness.

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